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about 1I’m from Melbourne in Australia where I trained as an actor and then travelled to the UK soon after graduating.
I draw on my experiences across a multitude of industries to help you face your communication challenges.
I worked in West End theatres for over 10 years on big budget musicals. I then moved into aviation principally in Public Relations engaged in the launch the A380 Super Jumbo for Singapore Airlines.
As a communication and presentation consultant I have worked with Businesses, Universities and with individuals looking to improve their presentation and public speaking impact.
When a client once said that working with me gave him so much more than a few presentation tips I guess I knew I was doing the right kind of work.
So be prepared to get a text from me on the treadmill because I’ve just thought of a new and better way for you to present your ideas.
The rapport I’ll develop with you and all my clients will always be, by far, my most important measure of success.

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