You Found Me!


I know exactly what happens when you type “Presentation Skills Training” into Google.

Irrespective of where I sit amongst that exhaustive list - you’ve found me and I want your search to end.

Let’s keep this simple.

I've no interest in turning you or anyone else into a speaker remembered only for a series of engineered tricks. I don't recite textbooks or watch hours of Ted Talks.

You're a much better presenter than you've ever been told and you tell a far better story than a deck of slides!

Let’s work with you.

You want the sale, you want the support or you need the funding!

'Presentation Mode' isn't always the prescription!

I want you to find your Public Speaking strengths then inspire you to communicate with confidence and impact.

Let's Talk

What I do

You may have noticed a lot of people doing my kind of work are actors.

Yep - me too! (But as an actor - I’m a much better Presentation coach)

So why are so many actors working in Presentation Training?


An actor’s process is to understand the experience of others. Actors are storytellers; and we take our audience with us. To have empathy and see things from the perspective of others is by far the most powerful way of connecting with them.

What might it feel like to be presented to - by you?

Delivering a bad presentation might not qualify your audience for a refund, but it won't encourage them to buy a ticket for your next performance either.

Good presentation and good presenters don't have to be big and loud, they just need to connect, and actors understand that.

I’m not offering you theatrical training, I’m simply using what I know to help you find your presentation strengths.

Sometimes it really does take someone else to highlight the obvious.

I want you to realise what you are capable of and then give you the confidence to back yourself.

Let’s work together to discover what might help you better connect with your customers, clients and colleagues. Whatever your communication challenge, let me remind you

You’re - 'Perfectly Presentable’!


What now?

I keep saying Let’s Talk, and I really do mean it.

Public Speaking and presentation can be an uncomfortable experience and trying to overcome concerns and fears challenging.

To ensure we are a good fit, I will always encourage a preliminary discussion or trial session.

To sample what I do and can do - get in touch and tell me a story - YOUR story!

Shout me a decent coffee and I'll give you an obligation free hour of my time or if you’re outside of London, let’s meet on Skype!

You need to feel secure in your choice of trainer and your investment. I think working with me is probably quite good fun but then I'm not paying - you are.

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